Answers to the Heavy Tide of Illegal Immigration to U.S. Borders

The following article titled “To the Border or to the Baptism” was written by Mary Osborne and published in her church’s winter 2016 newsletter in San Antonio, Texas:

An article appeared in the San Antonio Express News on September 4, 2016. It was entitled “Why Central Americans Flee: What Would You Do?” This article researched why Central Americans are risking danger and uncertainty to leave home for the U.S. border. The article highlights the many reasons thousands of young families, and in some cases unsupervised children make the long and dangerous journey to our border. The reasons are many but most stem from a rampant drug culture and crime. Gangs recruit and sometimes force young boys and girls into this world of darkness and crime. Any retribution or attempts to go to the police (also corrupt) often leads to worse consequences including death. As a result of life in this environment the people feel helpless and hopeless which then leads to apathy, poverty, neglect and abuse. The children have little to no education and are all victims of this severe culture which results in deep scars of self-degradation and uselessness.

This is a part of everyday life for our missionary partners in Honduras, Darwin and Jennifer Zilly Canales at The Living Waters Ranch. They live amongst uncertainty and grave dangers and yet continually pierce the darkness for the sake of their call. Jennifer and Darwin have taken 8 children under their roof and minister to countless others in the surrounding community. They have been victim to many robberies. Darwin, himself, was kidnapped and severely beaten only a few months ago. Darwin’s brother was recently murdered. Despite these horrific events, God is in control and His work continues with zeal and commitment.

So, what is the solution for these families stuck in the grip of evil that leads to hopelessness? To again reference The Express News article, it quoted a report from the Border Patrol in 2016, “We recognize the ultimate solution to the humanitarian situation in Central America is long term investment to address the underlying condition there.” This is exactly the mission of Darwin and Jennifer and the Living Waters Ranch. Their Mission Statement is

To be God’s refuge for orphaned, lost and broken individuals by extending Christ-centered hospitality, healing and guidance to them with the goal of raising them up as powerful servant leaders to their generation, wholly submitted to Christ and equipped for any good work.

Please pray about how God might have you support this worthwhile and fruitful mission. Trinity supports this effort through our Missions Budget but they are in need of more. Learn more at


From Jennifer, with joy

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