How to Support the Living Waters Ranch

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The Living Waters Ranch, where we live and serve full-time

A Closer Look…

We are always in need of shoes, school supplies, clothing, etc, but the best way to help in those areas is through a monetary donation because the shipping rates from the USA are exorbitant, plus we have to pay quite a bit on our end here to receive what is sent to us. A few people have tried to mail us different things in the past, and it has just not worked out.

There are many second-hand clothing and shoe stores here that we frequent, and it ends up being much cheaper to use the monetary donations sent to us to buy the needed material goods here (plus that way we support the Honduran economy). Any and all monetary donations we receive go straight toward supporting this ministry (we are completely faith-based and receive no government grants from either country), as my husband and I live on ministry grounds (we do not have a separate housing rent for our marriage) and have intentionally chosen to live without many modern luxuries in order to be better stewards of the calling God has entrusted to us.

Our monthly expenses include: pay/sustenance for our dedicated team of Honduran teachers/missionaries; food for our community kitchen; upkeep costs for our household with our foster children/teens; legal and educational costs associated with operating a school/ministry; gas and maintenance for our old truck, electricity, etc. Our ministry has grown considerably over the past five years — we began by serving three children and now actively tend to over 40.

If you desire to take the route of supporting this ministry financially, you can go to, clicking on the “Donate USA” button and then following the steps to make a one-time or recurring monthly donation, all of which is tax-deductible. We directly receive 93% of the funds given through CTEN, as the other 7% are shared with them (our missionary-cooperative) for the accounting and newsletter services they provide us.

From there, you will be put automatically on our newsletter list, which we send out in printed form every 1-2 months with testimonies, prayer requests, etc. (The envelope will say “Commission to Every Nation” with our name or the Living Waters Ranch written somewhere on it.)

If you have further questions or if I can serve you in any way, you may contact me directly at:

One thought on “How to Support the Living Waters Ranch”

  1. We read your article concerning the challenges you face and we will be praying for you!!!! What you are doing is the best way to solve the immigration problem. Do not back down from what you wrote about the immigration crisis! It is right!

    We are missionaries in Japan and face the spiritual battle of a different nature, but it is very real. We will ask people here to pray for you too.

    Yours in Christ, John and Becky Knox

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