One Year

June 24, 2014 Darwin and I celebrate our one-year anniversary since we got hitched by my bilingual college roommate who flew to Honduras during vacation from seminary to marry us…

FotosyVideosdeBoda 011 FotosyVideosdeBoda 014

FotosyVideosdeBoda 037  FotosyVideosdeBoda 012

FotosyVideosdeBoda 111   FotosyVideosdeBoda 100

FotosyVideosdeBoda 046  FotosyVideosdeBoda 063

FotosyVideosdeBoda 054  FotosyVideosdeBoda 069

FotosyVideosdeBoda 068  FotosyVideosdeBoda 073

FotosyVideosdeBoda 082   FotosyVideosdeBoda 076

FotosyVideosdeBoda 098   FotosyVideosdeBoda 116

FotosyVideosdeBoda 031 FotosyVideosdeBoda 047   FotosyVideosdeBoda 089  FotosyVideosdeBoda 088


2 thoughts on “One Year”

  1. Congratulations to both of you, and a prayer for many more happy years together! God’s peace always.
    Karen Oxner

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