You Can´t Climb on the Hippo Pen.

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In celebration of the completion of the year 2014, we roadtripped as a family to Honduras’ biggest and perhaps only real zoo four hours from our home. We rented a cabin and spent two days learning about the animals in the zoo, spelunking a maze-like cave with our headlamps, playing on the jungle-gym, racing go-karts and exploring the countryside. Every aspect of the trip introduced something new to the kids, and it was fantastic to see their eyes wide and their minds expanding as they took in new sights, sounds, and experiences. It was the perfect ending to a year laden with God´s perfect grace amidst trying difficulties and deep joy.


  “Brayan scared me in the cave. I prefer to go with an adult.” – Jason


 “What’s the purpose of a rainbow?” – Brayan


“Ostriches are that big?!” – Diana

parque13 parque7

“The lions are beautiful, but it makes me sad to see they have so little space.” – Diana


“What’s a miner?” – Gleny

“I think I’m going to vomit – pull the car over!” – Jason

jason2 jason

¨The zoo manager told me you’re not allowed to pull any feathers off the peacock.” – Diana


“Seeing such majestic animals without freedom makes me think how we, too, cage ourselves when we don´t choose the freedom available to us in a relationship with God through Christ. God created animals to be free, and when they’re not, they suffer. We, too, were created for freedom, and when we choose the enslavement of sin, we, too, suffer. The only difference is that the animals don’t choose their captivity, but we do. Does that make sense?” – Jennifer


“It says here that the Guinea Birds mate for life – just like us!” – Jennifer to Darwin


“Do they hire teenagers to work at the zoo?”—Brayan


“What does ‘nocturnal’ mean?” – Jason

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“This trip is a dream come true for me.” – Diana

mujeres1  mujeres2

“Why are there multiple lanes on the highway?” – Diana


“We should give thanks to God for keeping us safe during the trip.” – Gleny

parque11 parque9

“I’m locked in the bathroom! Help!” – Jason

parque6 parque8

“Dad, catch me if you can!” – Gleny

parque1 parque2

“What are some things that have happened this year that you will remember forever?” – Darwin

varones2 varones3

“For me, the most memorable thing about this year was meeting this family.” – Brayan

varones5 varones6

“Everything in the whole world is a mystery and a miracle. Everything reveals God.” – Jennifer

hill1 hill2 hill3 hill4 hill5

“A sloth is so different from a tiger from a hippopotamous, and yet God created them all. Just like us, each one so very unique. What amazing creativity.” – Jennifer


“We’re like meerkats in this deep cave.” – Jennifer

“We took pictures of the paintings on the walls in our cabin so we can learn how to paint them in paint class.” – The girls


“How do they feed the tigers?” – Jason

swing3 swing1 swing2

“The Indians hunted the buffalo because they didn’t have a supermarket.” – Jason


[Making wild animals noises to wake the kids up at 6:30am] “If you want to go to the zoo today, get up immediately because we’re leaving in five minutes!” – Darwin


“How do they trap the zoo animals?” – The boys


“Jason, get down. They said you can’t climb on the hippo pen.” – Darwin


“Dad helped me count my money to buy the stuffed giraffe.” – Jason

“What’s a fetus?” – Jason


“Gleny, are you sure you want to criticize Diana for not having her hair neatly done? How do you feel when others criticize you for your wild hair?” – Jennifer

gleny overlook parque10

“It’s a shame that just a few years ago on my parents’ property you could see wild monkeys, sloths, and tapirs, but since they have been hunted mercilessly now you have to go to a zoo to see them.” – Darwin


“Don’t touch the monkey.” – Jennifer


3 thoughts on “You Can´t Climb on the Hippo Pen.”

  1. Darwin and Jennifer,

    What a great adventure and learning experience. You guys are doing such wonderful work!! Great update.


    Stephen Burger, Pastoral Care
    Commission to Every Nation
    604.741.5797 (Canadian number)
    830.584.0204 (Skype number)

  2. What beautiful memories you have created for all if you! Everyone’s excitement and joy jumps right off the photos!

  3. Love the update! It put a huge smile on my face to see the pictures and read the quotes!! Glad you ALL enjoyed the family vacation!

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