Mission to Southern Honduras

Last week as a family we returned from our first mission to a small, dusty village in Southern Honduras. Darwin had gone in November with our mentor and a group of Christians to the same village to begin a water project and share the good news of Christ, and it was decided that we would all return together in January to continue planting seeds for God´s Kingdom and help the members of the village finish the last stretch of installing tubes so that they wouldn´t have to dig in the dusty riverbed in the dry summer months hoping to find water. Here are a few photos from the trip, and in the following weeks I will most likely write specific stories and works the Lord did among us in greater detail. Our three kids — Diana, age 14; Gleny, age 10; and Jason, age 7 labored alongside of us in the village during the week we were there, helping in agricultural and construction projects and going with us to visit homes to share God´s Word. It was a blessing to see our kids take leadership roles among the other children there, and participate with us in spreading the good news of God´s Kingdom!

Slide053 Slide057

Slide059 Slide060

Slide122 Slide123Enjoying the nine-hour journey with our faith community in our mentors´truckbed…


Slide146 Slide115Darwin helping with a corn harvest of a local believer, Omar, who offered us hospitality during the week we were in his village, and me juggling after brining in the harvest with the others…

Slide104 Slide107

Slide087 Slide091

Slide066 Slide067

Jason working alongside the ¨big guys¨ each day to dig the trenches for the tubing that will be used to bring water to this extremely dry village. Go, Jason, go!

Slide032 Slide033

Bathing in the river…

 Slide026 Slide024

Where we slept on dirt floors and in hammocks…

Slide031 Slide030

Slide005 Slide014

¨O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together!¨ — Psalm 34:3

Slide137 Slide061

Slide114 Slide074

Slide069 Slide121

Slide068 Slide063

Slide029 Slide081

Slide058 Slide159

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