Do You Think God Can Utilize Someone Like You?

The following are some written responses from the children in my Gifted and Talented program to the question ¨Do you think God can utilize someone like you?¨


I don’t know. Only He knows because I have made a lot of mistakes. I hope He forgives me. – Boy, age 10

Yes, in a big way I want to preach the Word to children, and I want to be a good servant of God, and study a lot to be a doctor and save many lives. – Girl, age 10

I think God could use me, well everyone, because He can change people. – Girl, age 12

He is God but does not abuse His power. That is why He utilizes people for the good. – Boy, age 11

As for me, I would like for God to utilize me to teach His word to other children, Who He was and that He is our salvation. That He is the most important, and if it weren’t for Him we wouldn’t match the design He has for our life…That His word is mega important in everything. That He gives everybody the same importance – for Him, color, race and culture are not important…That He gave His life and Son to us…and we despised Him and at the same time we sin against Him and against our loved ones. – Boy, age 10

I believe that God can use my life but I still have not discovered what for. – Boy, age 11

I know that God can use me because He already is. – Girl, age 14

Maybe, if I keep growing in wisdom like Him, going to church, reading the Bible, etc. And if I keep respecting Him. – Girl, age 10

I would say so because He created us and it was Him who gave us life. – Boy, age 10


“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10

One thought on “Do You Think God Can Utilize Someone Like You?”

  1. I think it is so awesome to have the children think about this at such a young age instead of getting near the end of your life and pondering such a thing!

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