Please Pray for My Health

Today after getting a blood test I realized that I have had Typhoid Fever for over a month now, which explains the constant fever, dizziness, and bodily weakness along with diarrhea that I have been having. I ask that you would please put my physical health in prayer, because in a few short months I have had Dengue Fever, a blood infection that led to about a dozen open sores on my body, several flu-like bugs, and now Typhoid. I am also still recovering from the severe insomnia I had for over a year. Pray that the Lord would grant me energy and good health to fulfill His will and, if not, that He may still give me the joy and perseverance to do so in sickness. Please also pray for Darwin, Jenae, and our six kids (plus homeschool students and other students of mine from a local school), as my not having good health affects them as well. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Please Pray for My Health”

  1. My precious girl, I have let all my friends and family know if your health issues and we are all praying for you! May God give you rest and relaxation. May he give you restored health and energy. May he give your family understanding as you are fighting off these various illnesses. May he give the doctors wisdom to find the cures! May he reassure you that you are not alone and that you are lived!

  2. Chiquita linda! ante todo por favor cuidate si? estamos rezando para que te recuperes pronto. Si necesitas cualquier consejo medico ya sabes que nos podes consultar cuando quieras o lo necesites ok?
    Un abrazo grande, cariños a Darwin y los niños/as. Seis ya! Dia a dia preciosa, estan haciendo un obra maravillosa! Dios los bendiga!!

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