Five Little Monkeys

Several nights ago as we were getting ready to watch a movie together as a family, everyone was in and out of the shower, brushing teeth and generally quite frenzied as we were all bringing pillows, stuffed animals and blankets for the big event in our living room. As I walked out of our bedroom, I laughed out loud as I saw five little monkeys pretending to be asleep (our eldest was not present and Josselyn had not yet arrived to live with us).

The “Five Little Monkeys” books by Eileen Christelow about a mom and her terribly naughty children are some of our kids’ favorites, so I ran and got our camera to record our own mischievously precious monkeys…


Five of our little monkeys pretending to behave (Jason, 8; Josue, 7; Jackeline, 11; Gabriela, 6; and Gleny, 10)




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