Gleny’s Sophisticated Thoughts on Riches, the World, and God’s Blessing

A couple weeks ago Gleny, our 10-year-old pint-sized drama queen, began telling me a story of her life in fourth grade at a small Christian school that she has been attending about five months.

She began flitting and dancing around our living room carefreely as she explained that one of her classmates had noticed her “Frozen” (the movie) school notebook and said (Gleny changing her voice to sound really snobby and flipping her hands about in a prissy manner): “Ohh, your family must be ri-ich if they can buy you a Frooozen notebook.”

I looked at her, raised my eyebrows and asked, “Oh?”

Gleny continued, always in a very exaggerated tone: “And I told her, ‘My family’s not rich. It’s that God blesses me, and that’s it.’”

I laughed out loud, and she continued: “But then I told her, ‘Well, my family is rich – I mean, in God’s Kingdom. But in this world?’” She shrugged her shoulders and said in a matter-of-fact way, “We’re just passing through.”

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