Nursing Homes, Block Empires, Tree Stunts and More: Photos from December 2015

We certainly have been spending several hours per day in dining-room tutoring with our 5 older kids as Gabi and Josue enjoy constructing block towers on the floor. All our kids will return to school in early February (the Honduran calendar has the extended vacation during the winter rather than summer months).


Only a few weeks ago Gabi didn’t have the focus or creativity to sit and put two blocks on top of each other, but with a little practice and encouragement, look at the small empire she and Josue have built!


Dayana (15), Gleny (11) and Jason (8) celebrated their 2-year anniversary in our household during a family vacation with Darwin and I to Honduras’ capital and largest city, Tegucigalpa.


8-year-old Jason, our beloved opera singer, our inquisitive young mind, our make-you-pee-in-your-pants stand-up comic, our consistent gentleman, our Energizer bunny, and our Godly-man-in-training


The kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy climbing trees!


“Ready, Jason?”  “Ready, Dad!”


DSCF5639 DSCF5640

(From left to right): myself, Gleny, Darwin and Dayana at the zoo in Tegucigalpa with Jason as the photographer


At a national park above the capital of Tegucigalpa. I’m sure their schoolteachers are glad to have a break until February from these two rabble-rousers!


Back on the homefront at the Living Waters Ranch, Miss Carminda and Miss Alma had a flour fight in our kitchen!


harina3 harina9


“Little Miss Claus” (the name I gave her because she looks like Santa Claus’ daughter) playing the recorder in our December music recital in our home/mission. About a year ago she bought that dress at a thrift store for the equivalent of about 50 cents!


Josselyn (age 11, member of our family since July 2015) and Jason (age 8), singing with Darwin’s youth choir in December. It was Josselyn’s first time to participate in the choir’s performances and play the recorder in front of an audience!


navideno21 navideno23

Derbin, a 14-year-old neighbor of ours who participates in various activities at the Living Waters Ranch, playing piano in our front yard during his first public music recital.


One day I began trimming the large, leafy trees in front of our dining room when Goliath, our Rottweiler, began playing with the leaves and burying himself under them. That’s when the whole crew came to join in the fun!


If only he would stop walking! We’re trying to tame the beast!


Don’t worry — Miss Martha’s coming in to help!


Good job, Jason! You finally got him just where you wanted him!



Because it was so much fun with the dog, let’s try it with the kids!


Darwin leading the Living Waters Ranch’s youth choir in songs of joy in a local nursing home


Miss Martha, our dear sister and fellow laborer, accompanied the choir to the performance in the nursing home because she had worked there for several years and was excited to see the elderly that she used to take care of


Christian and Arlen, both choir members, handing out juice and homemade bread after the recital

One thought on “Nursing Homes, Block Empires, Tree Stunts and More: Photos from December 2015”

  1. Oh, my, goodness!! Wow! Looking at those pictures, takes me back to when they were so young!! Time flies!! They were, and are, so precious! Love you all soooooo much!!!!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜

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