Light in the Darkness: Spring Music Recital 2016

Last Thursday my husband led all of our students, community choir members, and 7 of our 8 live-ins in the first music recital of the year. For the majority of our elementary and high school students, it was their first time to sing or play the recorder in front of an audience.

The electricity was out all day and unexpected rains came, but we pressed onward and the recital was held with exceeding joy and excellence. Many neighbors and students’ families came out to enjoy the music as the youth sang songs of hope and praise.


14-year-old Brayan, the young man who lived with us for 8 months and has recently returned to us full-time as a student, preparing for the recital with the other choir members


Many, many people warming up their voices in the little living room of our school building!




Our neighbors arrived despite the poor weather conditions. We had to move the seating area from our front lawn to under the covering of our porch due to the rain!




Thankfully Darwin had prepared small gas-lit candles with a few of the students to decorate the recital’s ‘stage.’ What they didn’t know is that those little candles would be the only light available because the electricity went out!


Keilin and Lester, two young students from our rural neighborhood who are in our primary education program



Our daughter Josselyn presenting her piano pieces alongside Darwin after having received a few months of classes under the tutelage of 15-year-old Dayana



It was quite the task keeping all the choir members quiet until it was their turn to come out!


Donaris, a 13-year-old neighbor of ours with severe behavioral problems who is in second grade in our school. He recently accepted Christ and has experienced tiny moments of intense light in the midst of a generally chaotic life. Please pray with us for his continued transformation!



Charlie, a 13-year-old student of ours in our 7th-grade discipleship-based school program. During his free time he plays his recorder around our rural neighborhood while selling bread and other goods!


15-year-old Sandra, the most recent addition to our household after moving in with us in February 2016 due to an unsafe situation with her step-dad. Her mom and younger siblings were the first ones to arrive at the recital to come and support her!


10-year-old Yexon, one of the sons of our night watchman who is in second grade in our school


13-year-old Arnold, one of the students in our high school program



Sindy, Dariela, Stanley and Elalf (students in our high school program) with our 15-year-old daughter Dayana (in the middle)


Dayana singing a solo with Darwin on the piano


A few students got deterred by the rain, but the majority of our choir members made it for our first recital of the year!


Our 7-year-old Gabriela (Gaby) singing on the first row of the choir. Our Father has begun an incredible transformation and healing in her life in these 10 months since she moved in with us. Please keep praying for her with us!




Amen! Glory to God!

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