Request for Prayer and Encouragement

To all who pray for and support this mission:

I ask that you would pray for us during this season specifically in regards to our emotional reserves and spiritual endurance.

The relational work we are dedicated to in Honduras requires us to be on the clock 24/7, and our ‘personal time’ almost always includes at least half a dozen young people who need to be lovingly supervised and tended to. (This can be very taxing on my introverted tendencies, as I oftentimes feel drained being around people all the time and wish everyone would just leave me alone for a couple hours.)

We spend our Monday-Friday working hours in teaching, community discipleship and administration out of our home-mission at the Living Waters Ranch, and then as our daytime teaching staff and local students leave we are then ‘on’ during nights and weekends with our 7 children who live with us full-time, 5 of which are teenagers with very delicate and pressing needs. (Oftentimes there is no dividing line between what is work and what is rest/personal time, and frequently the teens we serve in our home are those who end up draining us even more with their poor attitudes and criticism of us.) Please pray that the Lord would grant our children grateful hearts who are willing to serve and bless in Jesus’ name, as that would greatly alleviate the burden we shoulder in our home and grant us allies in our home-ministry.

I share this with you as I seek prayer for our marriage and our personal growth with the Lord (and that of our children), as the majority of our energy is spent actively proclaiming the truth to broken people and helping them resolve their crises. Thus, oftentimes little energy is available to intentionally cultivate our marriage or delve deeper in our personal walk with the Lord (and seek healing for our own brokenness).

(And, as a side note, thanks to God’s healing hand I am sleeping a lot better as my insomnia has greatly dissipated in these last few months without taking any kind of sleeping medication, but even so I am facing exhaustion and potential discouragement due to the many demands we face each day from 5:00am until bedtime.)

We are committed to continue in this daily effort as family to the orphaned/abandoned and lighthouse of hope to the lost for as many years as the Lord allows (and we have seen many breakthroughs and transformation in and around us in these last several years since beginning the journey), thus we are currently searching to see what Spirit-led changes can be made in our approach to ensure that we don’t fall prey to total burnout. We always seem to be teetering on the brink of collapse, and many times I lend a compassionate ear to our teen girls’ deep emotional struggles and spiritual searches and then reach the end of the day wondering who will lend me a listening ear because my husband is likewise as exhausted as I am or is working in our home office until late at night.

As a last note (and please forgive me for such a heavy and potentially discouraging post), I feel that I am personally in pressing need of words of encouragement at this time. Our lifestyle and the demands on my time have not permitted me to maintain any of my old friendships or cultivate new ones, so I find myself frequently lonely or tackling the many tasks before me by myself. As one of our spiritual mentors told my husband and I at the beginning of this journey several years ago, “It’s lonely to lead.” We have found this to be true, as the lifestyle the Lord has blessed us with does not grant many companions along the way.

So, if you read this blog and are able to reply with a sincere word of encouragement for me personally (or for Darwin), I would be extremely grateful and it would go a long way.

God bless you, and thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jennifer, for Darwin and family/mission

6 thoughts on “Request for Prayer and Encouragement”

  1. Jennifer,
    I lift you up in the name of Jesus Christ. He comes near to those that are lonely and longs to love you and pour His grace and mercy in to you. As an encouragement, I would say to tend to your own soul and do something for yourself that fills your cup. Even Jesus took time away from the work to rest and be by himself. God Bless you and Darwin!

    Matt Galbraith
    Intersection church

  2. Jennifer,

    I am praying for you right now! I am so amazed and encouraged by the calling God has put over you and your husband’s life. You are an example to those around you and those far away that a dying to self is not easy but it is worth the work you are doing for the kingdom of God. I will pray that Jesus will give you wisdom in how to take time to refresh so that you can love and serve well. I pray for protection over your marriage and for time for you and your husband to process together and work together to put the health of your marriage as a priority! YOU ARE A GIFT! You bring joy and life to anyone who meets you and your children are blessed because they have you to love them! Praying sister and love you and your heart for the journey Christ has set before you!

  3. I am praying that you and Darwin find ways to set appropriate boundaries in your time and energy. I am praying that God send Friend’s, old and new, to lift you up, make you laugh, sprinkle you with joy! I am praying that you and Darwin find a way to enjoy each other, despite being incredibly busy and exhausted—even if it’s just with a wink, a smile or a hug (throughout your day). I am praying that God show you what he may be preparing you and Darwin for—maybe more videos for churches to see or maybe a book you will write or. . . God knows! I am praying you truly feel the love of those near and far that love you, care about you, pray for you and tell others about you!!! I am praying that you know how special you and Darwin are!!!!

  4. Dear Jennifer,
    I found your blog through your post on the Caravan. My name is Andrew and I’d like to encourage you even several months late. I was raised as a Missionary Kid in Siberia and I know what it’s like doing what you do in many ways. I’m sorry for the difficulties. I hope you find rest in our Savior. He made the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. My Rest Days are on Saturdays; I’ll pray for you for the rest of this year during my Rest Days that God would show you how you can find Christ’s rest every week.

    Warmly in Christ,


    “So then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God, for whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his.” Hebrews 4:9-10

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