Our Trusty Farmhands

Our homeschool program gives us the flexibility to have the children highly involved in the wellbeing and upkeep of our farm animals, crops, and ranch chores in addition to their academic studies. We currently have two pregnant cows, two pregnant goats, nine hens, one rooster, and two puppies in addition to various crops and fruit trees planted around the 17-acre property. In these past couple weeks Darwin and Erick have been making the effort to prepare the soil and plant 50 saplings of rambutan, a local fruit, in the large field alongside the inner border of our property. Thank goodness they had four trusty farmhands to help out!


The other day I came out of the kitchen to find Darwin crouched down with the four kids plucking weeds from the pepper garden. Check out their hats! ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Look at Jason´s tongue!



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