It Is Well With My Soul

July 27, 2014: Our family hosted its first music recital on our front porch in front of dozens of neighbors, close friends, and members of our Christian discipleship group. Jason (7), Gleny (9), and Brayan (14) debuted in their first public music performance after having practiced with their director (and dad) for roughly six months. For Diana (13) it was her second public recital, and she gracefully played recorder and three pieces on the piano. All nine of us who live and serve at the Living Waters Ranch participated in the finale — three songs sung by our choir (When There is Sorrow, It Is Well With My Soul, and Peace and Liberty). It was a joyous celebration of God´s graceful and mighty hand among us, and we sense that He is calling our family to host similar public recitals at local medical clinics in the months to come as we witness to  the redemption, unity, and hope that we have in Christ Jesus.

Julio Recital 16  ???????????????????????????????   Julio Recital 13  Julio Recital 15  Julio Recital 14  Julio Recital 8  Julio Recital 19 
  Julio Recital 20 Julio Recital 21

Julio Recital 7  Julio Recital 22

Julio Recital 11   Julio Recital 23   ???????????????????????????????  Julio Recital 9

Julio Recital 12    Julio Recital 10  ???????????????????????????????

One thought on “It Is Well With My Soul”

  1. I felt like I was there enjoying the concert. The photos were so beautiful and everyone looked so lovely. Thank you for sharing these special times with all of us!

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