Notable Kids’ Quotes on Faith, Life and Family


Jason, age 7, as I tucked him into bed one night and lovingly broke it to him that his glow wand would probably only last about a day before the synthetic light inside dies out: “Yeah, the things of this world just don’t last like the things of God.”


“When was the study of science created, and by whom? The study of mathematics?” – Diana, age 14


Jason’s written prayer for his future wife: “God, protect my future wife from evil. God, protect my future wife from the Devil’s lies. Protect my future wife from robberies. God, I ask you that she has good health wherever she is. God, protect my future wife so that she doesn’t focus only on outside beauty.”


Jason as we hop in our truck at 5:45am to go to school, and the windshield wipers clean away a thick, dark fog that had settled over the windshield in the night, revealing the dim morning light: “Look! It’s like something from God’s kingdom – first there was darkness, and now there is light.”


Me in response to Diana, age 14, after she shared with me how bothered she is with several of the students in one of her music classes who slack off and don’t pay attention even though their parents are paying for them to be there: “Well, I can tell you one thing. Their laziness may serve them now, but long-term –”

Diana: “You reap what you sow.”

Me: “Exactly.”


Gleny, age 10: “But, Mom, if I have the door shut while I’m in timeout I’ll feel without freedom.”

Me [Laughing]: “Of course you will! You’ve lost it!”


Part of Gleny’s written prayer for her future husband: “God, give [my future husband] strength and life so that he loves You. God, give him strength to not give up in what he does for You.”


Gleny, age 10, speaking in a very serious, even tone: “Mom, I need to talk with you in private.”

Me: “Oh, okay. What’s going on?”

Gleny: “Look, it was okay that you used to call me Little Gleny when I was smaller, but, well, I’m getting bigger. Now it’s just Gleny. No ‘little.’ Oh, and only the adults are allowed to call me ‘Wild Gleny.’ I don’t like when the other kids call me that.”


Diana, age 14, to me: “I’m frustrated because lately whenever there are problems with Josue or conflicts between us girls, all you say is ‘We’re learning.’”

Me [Laughing]: “Because we are!”


Diana, age 14, reflecting on the arrival of the 6-year-old special needs boy to our family who the first day upon arriving opened the shower curtain while Diana was showering and later snuck into her room and ripped up some of her cards: “When Josue came, I thought I just can’t put up with this kid, but after getting to know him, he’s stolen my heart.”


Gleny, age 10, in a written school assignment: “My dad loves my mom because Jesus died for us.”

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  1. Thank you for sharing little snippets of your daily life with all of us! It is so heartwarming to see the love in their hearts!!

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