Notable Kids’ Goals

The following are the written personal goals of several of the students in my Gifted and Talented Program…


An 11-year-old boy:

  1. Go to one of the best universities to teach
  2. Discover cures for mortal diseases
  3. Be able to join the Air Force
  4. Stop delinquency and make the world a better place
  5. Discover the significance of planets’ deaths
  6. To be able to express my darkest feelings and secrets
  7. Go to the United States and be part of NASA
  8. Investigate the crashes of planes that are now lost at sea
  9. Discover if there is life on other planets
  10. Never give up in the pursuit of reaching my goals


A 12-year-old girl:

  1. Evangelize people (principally those in prison)
  2. Be better each day
  3. Be a teacher
  4. Be a protector of animals
  5. Be a protector of children who need it
  6. Help others
  7. Go and donate things to the needy
  8. Be a doctor
  9. Be a veterinarian
  10. Always pray for others


A 9-year-old boy:

  1. Be happy
  2. Be an actor
  3. Keep living in God’s hands
  4. Walk the Red Carpet
  5. Have children
  6. Travel the whole world
  7. Meet Ariana Grande (a singer)
  8. Raise the name of my country (Honduras)
  9. Have a clean heart that the Lord can enter
  10. Be happy with my wife
  11. Die and know the Kingdom of Heaven


An 11-year-old boy:

  1. As my first and most important goal, never separate from God’s path
  2. Never fall in adultery when I am big. Obvious.
  3. Study to be more intelligent
  4. Have a job that I really like and that pays me well
  5. Marry the woman God has for me
  6. Learn to play soccer like the best in the world
  7. Study at a good university
  8. Have the house of my dreams
  9. That my best friends may go on the good path
  10. That my children may be children of God and always serve Him
  11. Have a long life
  12. That God may every day give me more wisdom
  13. That I may never have financial problems
  14. When I grow, to be able to help my parents financially
  15. Always be healthy and my parents also and brothers


A 14-year-old girl:

  1. Marry, have children or adopt children who need a father and mother
  2. Go to Italy and study music, meeting new friends and maybe my future husband
  3. Write my own story going back as far as I can remember
  4. Speak of God and show His love and what He did for me during my childhood
  5. Write my own music…

One thought on “Notable Kids’ Goals”

  1. How awe-inspiring to see into the beautiful hearts of the upcoming generations! It gives me great hope!!

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