Road Race in Las Mangas [Photos]

This past Saturday we went as a family to our mentors’ and dear friends’ home up in the mountains for their annual 2-mile road race that they host in their local community. In Honduras, the schools generally do not have track teams nor are there a lot of sporting events (or sports) or really any opportunities to train physically beyond a pick-up game of soccer on a dirt field, so an organized 2-mile road race really is a big event.

Our mentor/pastor/friend Larry came in first place with a time of 11:23, and Darwin came in fourth place with a time of 12:55. Our 11-year-old daughter Gleny surprised us by deciding to participate, and she came in third place among the women who ran!

Sharing God’s Word with the racers before the competition



When I told Darwin to “strike a pose” before the event, he certainly did!


Our dear friend/mentor/pastor Allison taking the official film of the event with her and Larry’s daughter Eliya strapped on her back


Our 7-year-old special needs son Josue running his own race as he accompanied me to one end of the “track” to wait for the runners to arrive


Our mentor/pastor/friend Larry coming in first place among men who are 20-30 years younger than him!


Darwin coming in fourth place before guys who are 10-15 years younger than him! Go, Darwin, go!


Bayron (age 21) and Erick (26), members of our faith community, finishing in 7th and 8th place


Gleny ran the whole 2-mile race without stopping and finished after 21 minutes!


The kids’ 7-and-under 100m race


15-year-old Danny and 32-year-old Darwin, who stuck neck-and-neck throughout the race until Darwin pulled ahead at the end and beat him by 8 seconds!




Darwin and Gleny, the two racers from our family!


Gleny with the other female competitors


Darwin and Larry after the race


Larry with the young man who came in second place


Gleny receiving her third-place medal


maraton33 maraton47

Larry and Allison with two of their three daughters


One thought on “Road Race in Las Mangas [Photos]”

  1. que lindos!! los sigo de cerca y estoy viendo la posibilidad de ir a visitarlos! rezamos y pensamos en uds siempre! un abrazo y Dios los bendiga linda familia!

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