Not Just Any Piñata…

This past week we celebrated the 12th birthday of Jackeline, the young woman who has been living with us as a daughter since January of this year. A couple dozen friends and neighbors were in attendance for the party along with Jackeline’s biological grandmother who came out to support her.

There was, however, a twist to the traditional hit-the-piñata birthday game: rather than holding candy, the piñata held hygiene products. So adults and children alike dove for deodorants, bath loofas, bars of soap, hair gel, and little packets of shampoo. Rather than give these kids candy, which rots their teeth, we’ll go ahead and give ‘em a toothbrush and some paste to go along with it!

It was a big hit, and, seeing as I’ve already pulled this fill-the-piñata-with-something-other-than-candy trick three times now, the neighborhood kids eyed the piñata at the beginning of the festivities and asked, “Jennifer, what’s in the piñata?” Although sanitary pads, hairbands and notebooks might have fallen out of my 25th birthday piñata in August, you never know just what you’ll find if you come to our house for a birthday celebration…

Jackeline covered in flour as her biological grandmother looks on joyfully. This has nothing to do with the piñata, but rather is the product of the party guests’ after-lunch prank on the birthday girl…




Dayana, our 15-year-old daughter, who was the mastermind behind the flour prank on Jackeline…


Our 11-year-old neighbor Yexon during the birthday madness


Jackeline surrounded by several youth from our rural neighborhood who frequent our home for Bible study, choir, school, and other activities


Jackeline with her biological grandmother


My mom travelled from Texas to stay in our home this week, and she helped get the birthday girl ready for the party


Piñata time in the foothills of the mountains


Josue, Jackeline’s special-needs brother, was the first to take a whack at the piñata


Alberto and Isis, siblings, who both labor alongside of us at the Living Waters Ranch, Alberto as the kids’ driver and tutor and Isis as our homeschool teacher


My husband Darwin preparing the blindfold on a young neighbor of ours




Miss Martha, our nurse and cook, watching the festivities with her granddaughter Isabela in her arms


Our 10-year-old daughter Josselyn’s turn!


Carminda, the neighbor of ours who now lives on our property with her husband and children, looking on.


Our 6-year-old popcorn kernel Gabriela and I watch on


Jackeline’s grandma takes her turn! Go, Grandma, go!



Watch out! I’m swinging hard!



Alberto grabbed the remains of the piñata and began running — everyone wanted the soaps and toothbrushes that hadn’t yet fallen out!


Catch him!


Even the adults were chasing him!


“Cool! I got two jars of hair gel!”


Carminda, our neighbor, inspecting the hygiene products her kids grabbed from the piñata. Score!


Liliana, a young friend of ours, got deodorant, several packets of shampoo, and some hair gel! So much better than candy!

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